SurveySignal was developed by researchers for researchers.

SurveySignal is a further/development of experience-sampling technology originally developed at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. This development was motivated by a search for a reliable and user-friendly solution that would marry together three basic features essential to most types of smartphone research: (1) A simple, foolproof, and fast signup system that allows people to register and verify their smartphone and to provide consent for smartphone research, (2) the use of cellphone text messaging as a signaling and reminder device, and (3) the benefits of highly developed and easy-to-use survey software such as QualtricsTM or SurveyMonkeyTM which have revolutionized the way researchers and companies are conducting online research today. A beta version of SurveySignal has been piloted successfully in a number of research projects at the University of Chicago.

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