SurveySignal makes even complex mobile survey applications easy.

SurveySignal is a powerful study management and text messaging application that provides a user-friendly interface between your online surveys - designed, for instance, in QualtricsTM, SurveyMonkeyTM, SurveyGizmoTM, FluidSurveysTM, etc. - and your participants' (own) smartphones.

How It Works

SurveySignal enables you to send participants text messages at whatever daily schedule and for whatever period you specify. Each text message contains a link to an online survey, while transmitting data such as a participant ID code, send time, and other useful information. Running One-Shot Surveys or even complex Experience Sampling Projects has never been so easy!

Single or Repeated Measurements
Flexible Fixed, Random, or Mixed Schedules
Large Smartphone Participant Panel


All kinds of local, national, or global smartphone surveys, including

  • One-time, cross-sectional surveys
  • Repeated, longitudinal surveys
  • Experience Sampling / Ecological Momentary Assessment
  • Online smartphone experiments
  • Cross-cultural studies
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Feedback surveys within your organization

Core Features

  • Works on all smartphones with text messaging (SMS) capability and internet access
  • Built-in phone registration and verification process
  • Signal-contingent sampling via text messaging according to any combination of fixed, random, or mixed schedules
  • Event-based (subject-triggered) experience sampling
  • Panel administration tools
  • Response reminders and response monitoring
  • Email invitations for follow-up survyes
  • Tight integration with prominent survey software applications such as QualtricsTM, SurveyMonkeyTM, SurveyGizmoTM, or FluidSurveysTM

Why SurveySignal?

Ease of use

No complex programming is needed. Just use the online survey software tool you are most comfortable with

Sample availability and representativeness

Because SurveySignal is not a local app, it works on all smartphones - independent of mobile operating system and other restrictions.

High acceptance/low intrusiveness

Participants do not have to download and install anything on their own device, and no "behind-the-scenes" data is gathered.


Responses can be matched with an anonymous participant code transmitted with each signal

Data Security

Response data is stored on the secure survey software application of your choice. No need to upload response data or collect participants' devices

Range of use

SurveySignal can be used both in face to face research settings as well as fully anonymous surveys across the globe (e.g., in cross-cultural research).


SurveySignal works in most countries including USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Germany, The Netherlands etc. Please feel free to inquire about our current list of covered countries.

Click Here for screenshots and example survey designs.